Thank you for your interest in and continued support of the arts through my limited print series entitled “Origins.”

As I explore myself and the world around me through the production of non-objective or “abstract [hyperlink to abstract article]” art, I have fielded the question over the years from people regarding my interest in producing figurative art works, or my technical ability to do so. My response to this is the “Origins” series, whose imagery holds little pragmatic use for widespread distribution at this time, so it remains a limited run “thank you” for those who locally support the arts.

Introduced to India ink as a media in junior high, it was not until later in life that I discovered Japanese shunga, and in addition to the wood-block imagery, became infatuated with the sumi brush as a mark-making tool. Even though I continue to use these tools to make my non-objective ink works, I pay tribute to the shunga influence through the creation of the “Origins” series.

Any questions about the works or further inquiries can be made to me in person [link to Studio] or email.




For those who received an “Origins” work...

© 2011 Dustin Meredith

© 2012 Dustin Meredith